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President Message

Progress of a country is possible only when its citizen are dynamic, enterprising and responsible. Without such citizens, a country cannot achieve progress in any field and education is the most important tool to create such type of citizens. Keeping this aim in mind, Al-Barkaat Institute of Education (ABIE) was established in 2008 under the aegis of Al-Barkaat Educational Society which came into existence in the year 1995, registered under the Societies of Registration Act 1860.

Quality assurance in teacher education is necessary to prepare teachers who are ‘professionals’ whose work as teachers is characterized by high degree of professionalism. To achieve this, it is necessary to inculcate among students high degree of aptitude and potential for the teaching profession. For this we have with us excellent faculty and infrastructure.

Developing reflectivity in teachers acquires all the more significance because of increasing racial, ethical, cultural and linguistic diversities in schools and in society which demands reflective and broad – minded citizens. For this purpose our B.Ed. programme is a powerful instrument to mould the behaviour of pupil teachers in the right direction keeping in consideration the values, morals, ethics and norms of the society.

We firmly believe that the environment of the students play an important role in all sectors of life and activity based teacher education programme is useful for producing reflective teachers through a constructive approach. I assure you that Al-Barkaat Institute of Education will try to provide you the best education so that pupil teachers can excel in every field.

We wish you a rewarding experience at Al-Barkaat.

Prof. Syed Muhammad Amin
President, Al-Barkaat Educational Society
Chairman, Managing Committee
Al-Barkaat Institute of Education