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What to Include in a Cover Letter for a Remote Job

So if you have proficiency in working with remote tools, it’s smart to highlight the specific ones you’ve used to show you don’t need much training. Keep in mind, you should never include skills you don’t have experience in just because you discovered that’s what the job posting is looking for. It will be helpful to highlight your prior experience of remote work—you must list a few projects that you have worked on with your previous employers if any. Doing so will demonstrate how well versed you are in the ethics of remote working, like scheduling, reporting and other requirements needed. We’ve lined up several helpful tips just for that, followed by a great cover letter example for a remote position.

How do I write a cover letter?

The process of writing a cover letter never changes. Every cover letter will consist of the same parts:

Your contact informationThe employer’s contact informationA greetingThe letter’s bodyA salutation

To guarantee you succeed, ensure you understand how to write and properly format a cover letter before you submit your application.

A good cover letter introduction can help you land an interview, while a bad introduction can ruin all your chances of getting your dream job as Work From Home. We advise you to talk about your achievements, goals, and motivations, rather than just plainly listing your skills and experience. If you’ve read this far there’s a good chance that you’re looking to find a remote job. You can typically find this by searching online or by reading the job description carefully. Don’t stress if you can’t find it though, it’s definitely not a deal-breaker.

Tell them why you are interested in the job and how your skills match their needs

Read through the job description or research the company to find the name. However, instead of missing out on a job opportunity due to a lack of experience, add the relevant skills you possess. You also have the option of including appropriate personal experiences in the letter. Ensure your cover letter shows you tick all the boxes in the job requirements.

In your letter, use two to three examples from this list. By planning how to write a cover letter for your next remote job, you’ll position yourself as a stronger candidate for any job you’re considering. Highlight your qualifications, how you align with the role, and your experiences working remotely. Try to include a few examples that tie to the needs of the job role and how you handle remote work. Specific projects, your impact, or results will be great to highlight in bullet points here as well. As alluded to in the previous section, you definitely want to include skills that show you can handle remote work.

Talk about what you hope to achieve at the company

Now that you’ve got your research compiled, it’s time to get down to writing your cover letter. I like to keep it simple and straightforward with a 5-paragraph layout. Each paragraph addresses a specific point and end up working together to create the perfect pitch for you as a remote job seeker.

  • If you’d like, introduce yourself with a short story, a joke, or a random fact about the role to set the tone of your cover letter.
  • Jump right into making the connection between your past experience and this new role.
  • I also spent over five years redesigning branding materials for as a Marketing Specialist.
  • In this article, we’ll share the best practices for writing an excellent letter to secure an interview and land your dream role.
  • Since it’s harder to train employees who work remotely, candidates who already have experience working with remote platforms are going to be considered over those who don’t.
  • It should never feel like a generic cover letter that you have sent out to everyone.

Another incorrect way to use a cover letter for remote position example template is to choose the very first template you come across. Sure, that template could, in theory, be the best one. However, your goal when searching for the correct template is to find one that fits both your work experience and the job you are applying for seamlessly. Our mission is to make it easier for developers to find great remote jobs with high-quality companies, and we’re on a mission to help as many people as possible! You can search or post your own listings of freelance or full-time opportunities in our marketplace.

What to Include in a Cover Letter for Remote Jobs

Perhaps you want a job with increased flexibility, because you need to move a lot for your partner’s career. Even if you have experience, it never hurts to shine the spotlight on some of your most relevant skills. But, this becomes even more important if you need to show that you’re a no-brainer fit—even when your past roles aren’t quite as traditional. Although you’ve probably listed all your skills on your resume, it’s worth mentioning them again, but by telling a personal story.

  • It also helps you explain how you perform in an official environment.
  • For the past 5 years, I’ve been working as a remote UX/UI designer for an e-commerce fashion retailer and also did several freelance web design projects on the side for CPG companies.
  • A well-crafted cover letter that tells your story can make all the difference.
  • When it comes to the address on your cover letter, you need to consider some vital elements—the recruiter’s name is among them.
  • Your cover letter builds on your resume, it does not mirror it.
  • After all, you will not be able to meet the employer or the recruiting manager in person.
  • That means that every cover letter should be modified to fit the job you’re applying for.

You’ll want to use this to include any relevant skill or experience in your cover letter. The purpose of a cover letter is to support your resume by providing more detail about your skills, experience, and reason for applying for the new job. Addressing the HR manager by name is preferred to the generic “Dear Hiring Manager.” Salutations like “Dear John” will add personality to your cover letter.