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Special Lecture

On 4th April, 2014, a special lecture on “Privatization, Globalization and Autonomy in Education” was delivered by Dr. Iram Azhar, Assistant Professor, ABIE. She did a detailed discussion on what role Privatization, Globalization and Autonomy plays in Indian Education System highlighting their positive and negative effects.
The main themes discussed were:
Education and Privatization
 Concept of Privatization
 Need for Privatization
 Positive and negative effects of Privatization on Indian Education System
Education and Globalization
 Concept of Globalization
 Professionalizing the Teacher and Teacher Education for Global World
Autonomy in Education
 Concept of Autonomy
 Types of Autonomy
 Autonomy in Teacher Education
 Conditions Favourable for Autonomy
 Problems faced by Institutions for Autonomy