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Report on Pariksha Pe Charcha 2.0

Report on Pariksha Pe Charcha 2.0

Priksha ki Baat PM ke sath


The staff and students of Al-Barkaat Institute of Education assembled in the Multi Purpose Hall at 10:45 am on 29/01/2019 to attend live telecast of Priksha Pe Charcha 2.0. Being from Higher Education, students were first of all briefed by the Principal, Dr. Samina, about the relevance of the Program for them. She told the students that this live telecast may help them to assist their students in future once they will be Teachers after completing this Training program. She also convinced them that the enlightening speech will definitely help them in getting the strategies to overcome the stressful situation and ultimately they may use that knowledge in their practical life, can help their younger in their own family   and friends. Being future teachers the telecast was been enjoyed by Teacher Trainers as well as Pupil Teachers.

During the session, students learnt to help the students to avoid unnecessary tension by valuing their life and to compete with one self to get success, in spite of being tensed by overburdening themselves by competing with others. Try to compete with your own self. He emphasized Time Management and its importance for assured success in life. He made them understand the value and worth of time and manage it more consciously   than anything else as it is invaluable and you can never get gone time again in life.  Most precious thing in life is time, manage it wisely.

He made the students aware of technological hazards which could be fatal for them. He advised them to keep themselves away from Online games.

PM then addressed the teachers and Parents. He advised the parents not to put pressure on them for opting particular subject or stream because of their liking or disliking. It must be their own choice. Don’t compare the child with anyone else. The parents must try to understand Child Psychology and deal them with love and affection rather than being rude or angry with them. He advised the parents and teachers to promote use of technology but need to be more careful.

The whole discussion was enlightening and brain storming.