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          On  November25th  ’14, Al-Barkaat Institute of Education organized one day workshop on “Innovative Teaching-Learning Process” for B.Ed. students in the multipurpose hall of the institute. The objective of the workshop was to equip students with innovative teaching learning process.

The workshop had four sessions. In the first session the officiating principal of ABIE, Dr. Samina Fazli, introduced the concept of innovative teaching learning process, the importance of teaching, the difference between 20th and 21st century classroom, and the 21st century skills.

In the second session Mr. Himanshoo Sharma presented the concept and importance of thinking skills, and the tips to encourage thinking skills.

In third session Ms. Shagufta Mubeen presented the concept of questioning skills followed by an activity performed by students. Afterwards she discussed the creative thinking skill followed by 3 activities.

In fourth session, Dr. Tabassum Qamar presented the concept of communication skills and collaboration skill followed by an activity.

In fifth Session, Ms. Sajina Sultana presented a deliberation on effective teaching strategies.

In sixth session, Dr. Iram Azhar discussed the techniques to handle the classroom situations with concluding remarks.

All the participants were awarded the certificates of participation. And feedback was collected from them regarding the workshop.