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Freshers’ Party ‘RUBARU’ 2017

‘RUBARU’, the welcome party for the First Year students of B. Ed. was organized by their immediate seniors, the students of B.Ed. II year. The day marked the induction and integration of new entrants into the Al-Barkaat family. The event created many memories for the first year students and their seniors alike, with an array of cultural programs organized by the seniors. The second year students synergized their efforts to put up a plethora of scintillating performances in the form of exhilarating singing performances, skit, Ghazal, poems and splendid decoration, thus making RUBARU a soulful day.

RUBARU also saw a very enthusiastic participation from the First Year students of B. Ed. who competed with full zeal and great enthusiasm to be crowned the Mr. and Ms. Fresher ’17. After three rounds of exemplary performances comprising Introduction, Individual Talent Round and Question & Answer Round, Mr. Mohammad Rehman and Varda mnazar, 1st Year students of B.Ed. became the freshest faces of ABIE, selected by an eminent jury, and were awarded the titles Mr. Fresher and Ms. Fresher.

The results were announced by the principal, Al-Barkaat Institute of Education. The titles were conferred by the honorable Joint Secretary, Al-Barkaat Educational Institutions, Dr. Ahmad Mujtaba Siddiqui, who graced the occasion with his benign presence and imparted his words of wisdom to the First Year students and motivated them to aim for excellence.

Every event of ABIE reflects the rich culture and legacy that the college strives to inculcate among its students, and ‘RUBARU’ 2017 was no exception to this fact. The event exhorted the First Year students to imbibe this rich legacy and reflect it in achievements of excellence in all the spheres of their life. At the end of the Freshers’ Party Ashraf Zameer, student of B.Ed. II year extending the Vote of Thanks towards all those who were involved in making RUBARU the memorable event it proved to be, for the ABIE family. The day ended with a sumptuous lunch, and the students left the venue with beautiful memories to cherish throughout their college life.