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Criticism of Internal Practical Examination For B.Ed. Final year (9th March – 10th March 2023)

Al-Barkaat Institute of Education conducted Criticism of Internal Practical Examination for B.Ed. final year students over a period of two days from 9th March – 10th march 2023. For these students were asked to prepare a lesson plan for each pedagogy subject along with appropriate teaching aid (chart, model any concrete object, etc.).
Students were grouped according to their pedagogy subjects: English, Urdu, Hindi, Home Science, Social Science I, Social Science II, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Biology, Commerce.
The Internal Practical Examination was conducted by the experienced teachers. The assessment was done by the respective subject teachers on the basis of various parameters such as teaching methodologies, demonstration skills, content knowledge, maxims of teaching followed, communication skills, teaching skills (Introduction of the topic, blackboard skill, question answer skill, reinforcement skill, explanation of the topic, lesson closure etc).
The students were given feedback on their performance and they were also provided with the scope of improvement in their teaching skills. The feedback was done by their respective subject teachers.