New Students

Code of Conduct

1. Any act amounting to ragging of fellow students is banned. If any incident of ragging comes to the notice of the discipline committee as per the latest guidelines of Honorable Supreme Court, the students (s) concerned will be given a chance to explain and if that explanation is not found satisfactory, the student (s) will be expelled from the institute.
2. Carrying and/or use of prohibited substances such as illegal drugs are banned in the campus.
3. Carrying and/or use of weapons of any kind (knives, guns, knuckledusters, etc.) whether licensed or illegal, to the campus is banned.
4. The institute building is a ‘No Smoking Zone’. Use/consumption of tobacco in any form is prohibited.
5. Students are required to attend all timetabled learning programs.
6. Respect all teachers, fellow students and visitors to the institute.
7. Student are required to abide by the instructions that your teachers may issue from time to time regarding your learning programs.
8. Do not use violent, aggressive, threatening, abusive or disruptive behavior towards others.
9. Use of mobile phones in the institute’s premises is prohibited.
10. Disturbance during conduction of classes or exam and/or lab activities is banned.
11. Students are required to come to the Institute in Institute Uniform.
12. Pay attention to your grooming.
13. Students are required to pay their fees and all other charges at the beginning of the session.
14. Do not damage, deface, lose or steal library books, journals or newspapers and Institute’s computer lab equipment.
15. Do not damage the Institute’s buildings, fixtures, or furniture.
16. Eating or drinking in the teaching areas or learning resource centers such as class rooms, library and computer lab is banned.